HI-FI Lives is the collective brainchild of a group of freelancers who share only one thing in common–we all dig music.

More than that, we believe it is an important force. We know that music, in all its varied shapes, plays a critical role in how we relate to the world, one another, and ourselves.

With that belief in mind, we launched HI-FI Lives on August 18, 2011 as a platform to share and document our experiences with music. Some are funny, some are thoughtful, some are painful, some are joyous, but all of these experiences have made impressions upon us and in a very real way have participated in the process of creating who we are as individuals.

Those experiences are what you can read about on our site. We invite you to join the discussion. Share your thoughts by commenting on any of our posts–we only ask that if you have something critical to say that you express that in a way that respects the dignity of the writer.

Beyond that, we are also working to build a community of followers who share our belief that music is a force that shapes individuals. We are doing that by providing a space for folks to come together to share and discuss their experiences with music. Interested? Please take a moment to join the HI-FI Lives Discussion Forum. We’d love to hear about your HI-FI Life.

  1. awesome…I love the caption…”life inspires music, music inspires life.” Music does wonders in my life.

  2. From one blogger to another………..Job well done. I am enjoying your site!!

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